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Pablo García, Policeman

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© from the text Pablo García Policía: Eva Latonda © from the illustrations: Maru García, 2014

About achondroplasia

Achondroplasia is a genetic disorder which affects the growth of some of the bones in our body.

The longest bones in our body don't grow as long as they should, which means that the people with this disability are shorter.

Children with achondroplasia just need certain specific care and a special diet, but their life is just like yours, full of illusion and hopes.

In this story you'll meet Pablo, a clever, funny boy who will surprise you with his many skills.


I say it nice and loud, so that everyone knows...

I want to be a policeman, not just because I like cops and robbers films, with those chases and cars..., but also because detectives are usually as clever and handsome as me.

The bit about me being handsome is something my Dad often says, and I think he's right because I look a lot like him when he was young.

The bit about me being clever is what my teacher, whose name is also Pablo, says because I solve problems in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, getting back to me being a policeman. I know that things will be a bit tougher for me in the fitness tests.

As far as I know,they're very difficult (police officers are super athletes). That's why I've got a plan to achieve my goal. I'm going to study Criminology and I'll become a detective.

I also believe that being strong isn't everything. The goodies will need my courage and brains to catch the baddies... As I always say:

"There's nothing like following a strong lead, to catch a thief driven by greed"

And when it comes to finding clues, hey, I have an eagle eye!

Have you ever follow your intuition?

I do it all the time. It's the secret to my success: "I never get things wrong when I trust my instinct, that's what makes me so distinct".

(Hey, I reckon I should become a poet too... Can you imagine that? A poet-policeman. How cool would that be?!)

I think that I get my intuition from my Mum. Now she really is intuitive. She always knows what I need before anyone else, without me even needing to open my mouth.

"Intuition and a good heart, my Mum's got it down to a fine art!"

(There's no doubt about it, I'm a born poet too)

At school, my classmates, Fernando and Miguel, who are the best friends anyone could ask for, encourage me by saying that, after an amazing career as a criminologist, I'll become Chief of Police.

I'll then create a special police force made up of people of short stature like me. They're sure that we'll be the perfect back-up for the "National Intelligence Department".

Fernando usually gives me a hand when I have to carry heavy things. I let him help me because he's a strong lad and he loves showing his muscles off.

Miguel is the scientist of the class.

When he grows up he wants to be an archaeologist and he takes Fernando and me on interesting digs around the playground.

He's convinced he's going to find the femur bone of an iguanodon under the basketball court.

I'm learning loads of stuff with them; and, little by little, I'm learning to become the best policeman, investigator, detective, inspector, archaeological expert (and poet) in the history of our country's police force.

I know I'll achieve my dream and will reach great heights!

The end

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