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Rosalia, the spy

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© from the text Rosalía the Spy: Eva Latonda © from the illustrations: Maru García, 2012

About Deafness

Some children are born with a hearing difficulty, in other words, they can't use their sense of hearing like other children do. Some are born like this. In others, it occurs when they are older for different reasons.

In some cases, they wear hearing aids or cochlear implants to hear. And to communicate some use sign language and others use spoken language.

This is the story of Rosalía, a very creative deaf girl that resolves all sorts of enigmas as if she was a real spy.

Get to know her and you will learn to be as resolute as she is...

Nothing, today I am not inspired, I have not been able to distract Miss Cierraelpico… I always find a trick to get what I want but today...

This case is becoming difficult, very difficult.

Since my classmates and I decided to take charge of the case, my infallible spy sense of smell told me that this investigation was going to be complicated.

We had been noticing the worried faces of the teachers for some time. When suddenly, everything took an unexpected turn.

Thanks to knowing how to read lips,I managed to decode during noon break a worrying conversation between the music teacher, Faustino Golondrino and the science teacher, Luz Degas.

How do I know how to read lips? Easy. I have been deaf since birth and I have learnt to read them to be able to understand people better.

Reading lips is cool, although it is a bit complicated. It's like listening with your eyes. You have to carefully watch the movements of the lips when people are talking. And for this I have an eagle eye.

Also, I can hear phrases and sounds thanks to my hearing aid, which is this device that I have in my ear.

This strategy of combined techniques, together with my intuition, makes me a great spy.

Yes, I know that I am a bit pretentious, but what can I say, I love spy books.

Returning to the conversation, which is what we are interested in at the moment... reading the teachers' lips, I found out that our little school was going to be sold to a livestock industrialist to turn it into a chicken farm for artificial fattening...

I thoroughly researched what that meant and - how awful!!! Instead of “fattening” our “minds” with subjects, they would "fatten” the “bodies” of these poor creatures...

When I told my classmates about this terrible discovery nobody could believe it.

We all thought that if our parents and teachers were not doing anything to stop it, it would have to be us who acted. That was how we created “The Order of the Schoolguix”.

And here I am, leading this secret rebellion to defend culture and knowledge…

In our strategy we also use sign language which I have taught to my classmates. Sign language has been very useful for our secret communication.

Just like that, thanks to my know-how, we have created a spy system that allows us to carry out lots of actions without anyone finding out.

We have discovered that Miss Mili Cierraelpico has spent years taking over control of the school behind everyone's backs. She doesn't like children.

She has no imagination and she wants the world to be sad and boring. That's why she wants to close the school.

But she won't succeed! Little does she know who she is up against. My name is Rosalia the spy. During my latest mission, I discovered where she hides all the documents that prove her treachery. I will hand them over to the parents and teachers and they will decide how to stop her.

When the case is completely solved, I will dedicate myself to perfecting my spy methods so I can solve all the injustices that I come across in the future.

Do you want to join me on this great adventure?

The End

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